The accessibility of online video has altered the way organisations need to engage with customers and Spires Media is at the cutting edge of this online revolution.

With a wealth of high-end video production equipment at our disposal we have the tools to ensure that every film looks like a Hollywood blockbuster and sounds as sweet as a Ferrari engine!

The team includes former national news journalists who work closely with our clients to create tailored concepts that strike a chord with the target audience.

Balancing ideas and objectives with budgets our goal is to create the most powerful, effective films possible.

We script and storyboard projects and once approved our talented production crew then turn the idea into a reality, capturing beautiful images efficiently and professionally.

When the filming stops we have plenty of post-production tools at our disposal. Using imaginative animations and slick motion graphics we can really make every edit looks fantastic.

Once the video is finished, we offer advice on how it can be used most effectively within your wider marketing objectives. We also offer more targeted suggestions on using tools such as social media adverts to give your film the maximum impact.

In-house equipment includes a plethora of high-end cameras and lenses, top of the range lighting and audio equipment, a 12ft crane for capturing dramatic sweeping shots, steadicams for getting silky smooth images in rough terrain and a drone to provide awe-inspiring shots from the skies above.

Here’s a list of the specific services we offer:

  • Full pre-production service including the creation of clear, concise treatments
  • Set up locations and provide studio space
  • Source presenters and voiceover artists
  • Tips and training to ensure that if you want to do a piece to camera you are relaxed and prepared
  • Capture footage to broadcast standard
  • Record beautiful 4K aerial images with our drone
  • Broadcast live web streams of events mixing between footage captured on multiple cameras
  • Create high-end motion graphics and animations
  • Arrange translation of your video as well as subtitling and captioning
  • Deliver the final video online in full HD. Our super-fast broadband connection means we can hit the tightest of deadlines
  • Help you to market your film online through Facebook advertising or via our national news connections
  • Transcode VHS tapes to digital formats
  • Create printed DVDs or engraved USB sticks

If you would like to find out more about Spires Media and how we could help you, or if you have a specific project that you’d like to discuss, please get in touch.